Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycling

While it is laudable to try educating new riders, it is never helpful to give them wrong information, as does in their Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycling Section Five 1/2: Counter Steering, Push Steering the Easy way.

As the front motorcycle tire spins, the force of the spinning causes the motorcycle body to want to stay upright and be stable.

This is wrong in several ways:

1. inanimate objects, such as motorcycle tires don’t want anything, but that is really a stylistic issue.

2. the bigger problem is the suggestion that the spinning of the tire keeps it upright. If the front wheel can not steer, no amount of spinning could keep it upright, and if it can steer, the rider and at least three other factors, besides gyroscopic effects, tend to steer it in the direction of the lean: geometry, specifically trail; mass distribution; and tire mechanics.

Why go out of the way to invoke some magical property of spinning wheels, when the critical contribution is the ability of the front wheel to steer?


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